Crown Sterling App FAQ

Learn about Crown Sterling's App, how to get an account, and how to use it.

General Questions:

How do I sign up for a Crown Sterling App?

Please visit our Getting Started articles where we walk you through the App installation step by step.

How do I navigate the App?

You can start with our Tour the App! article and then we suggest browsing our other 'How to' guide on the Navigating the App page!

How do I invite someone to create an account?

You can send them a link to our Getting Started articles!

Is there a Mobile App available?

There is not currently a mobile app available to the public. Our software engineers are working diligently on this and it will be released when ready.

Is the App available in different languages?

Currently the App is only available in English.

How do I change my account information?

Currently we have that feature locked on the application, but if you email us at we can get this taken care of for you!

How do I delete my account?

Currently we have that feature locked on the application, but if you email us at we can get this taken care of for you



How much does the Crown Sterling App cost?

Creating a Crown Sterling App account is free, as well as receiving an encrypted message. You can learn more about the cost for using a Crown Sterling encryption service HERE.

What can I do with a Crown Sterling App if I don't have any CSOV?

You can have a CS App account without any CSOV. Even with no CSOV, you will be able to receive encrypted messages and files through our mail feature.

Why am I getting charged a transaction fee if I already paid for my tokens?

Owning tokens and using them are a bit different. Although you own the tokens, transferring them to another third party wallet or to another recipient’s wallet requires a transaction to be logged on the node, and our systems to do work. That being said, there is a transaction fee. Similarly, if you choose to send an encrypted message or asset, our encryption services are working to encrypt and transfer your data. We accept payment for that service with CSOV. Think about it as if you were asking a bank to wire funds from one account to another, they charge a fee.

Can I give CSOV tokens to someone else?

Yes. If you purchased CSOV through an exchange, you can transfer tokens to someone else right away. To learn how to transfer CSOV to another App user, please visit our THIS article. If you purchased your tokens directly through Crown Sterling, your tokens are subject to a 1-year lock up from the date of distribution. Your CSOV will unlock on the anniversary date and they will be available to transfer. 

Can I send CSOV to someone else so they can respond to me?

Yes. You can transfer CSOV to anyone with an app account. Once you have transferred tokens to them, they will be able to use those CSOV to send you a message in the apps Mail feature.


Sending & Receiving Mail:

How do I send and receive messages?

It's very easy! Please visit our How do I send a message guide to get started.

Where are my received/decrypted messages stored?

You may view your messages in the Mail section of the Crown Sterling App. There is also a folder created in your home folder on your computer that stores all of your encrypted and decrypted messages and files.

How long do I have to decrypt a message in my inbox?

There is currently no time limit on decrypting your messages.

Can I retrieve my old messages?

Once a message is deleted, you cannot retrieve it again. We do not store your messages or files for privacy and security purposes.


Want to learn more about the App?

Check out our Navigating the App page for 'FAQ' and 'How to' articles!