Find out more about Crown Sovereign (CSOV):

What is CSOV?

CSOV stands for Crown Sovereign, a utility token. CSOV is backed by a quantum-resistant blockchain security protocol, developed exclusively by Crown Sterling.

CSOV has been successfully engineered to be the first blockchain utility for One-Time Pad encryption, enabling secure communication, data protection and control. 

What are they for?

Token holders use CSOV to pay for the secure transmission of their data with each transaction on the Crown Sterling Wallet, Crown Sterling’s native data transfer and messaging application. Desktop version is available here.

Are CSOV anonymous?

Crown Sterling encryption services are analogous to a third-party supplying a digital ‘padlock and key’ to be used by a sender/receiver of a secure message and/or encrypted transaction. Once the message has been securely sent and received, it is not kept or held on any Crown Sterling server. The Company does maintain a record that the transaction occurred, but does not access or store any transferred encrypted data following the successful receipt of said data. Crown Sterling strictly adheres to applicable laws in the jurisdictions of its operations. 

What if I receive CSOV when my computer is powered off?

Much like when you receive an email, if your computer is off, the email is in your inbox when you turn your computer back on and log into your email account.

Will the finite amount of CSOV be a limitation?

The company has limited the aggregate number of CSOV Tokens outstanding at any one time to 10 billion. When the aggregate number of Crown Sovereigns outstanding is less than 10 million, we may sell additional Crown Sterlings so long as the aggregate number then outstanding does not exceed 10 million.

What if someone purchased all the existing CSOV?

Crown Sterling will only initially issue up to two billion tokens to allow access to Crown Sterling encryption technologies. New CSOV will be issued and sold in the future based on market demand; provided however, that the total number of Crown Sovereigns Tokens will never exceed 10 billion tokens.  

What if someone creates a better security token?

Crown Sterling is not the only token on the market, and does not believe it will ever be the only security token on the market. However, our technology is unique and we aim to continue leading the field of new innovations within the field of personalized cryptographic solutions for secure messages and transactions.