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Docker Desktop® FAQ

What is Docker Desktop®, why do you need it, and other common questions.

What is Docker Desktop®?

Docker Desktop® is an open source platform for building, deploying, and managing containerized applications.

Why do I need Docker Desktop®?

Docker Desktop® is needed for the "Mail" feature of our app to work. You can still see your coin balance and transactions in the app if you do not have Docker®, but to be able to fully experience our app and send secure, encrypted messages, Docker is needed.

How do I install Docker Desktop®?

Follow THIS LINK to install Docker Desktop® on your computer.

I have Docker Desktop® installed, and have successfully used it before, but now the App says it isn't installed.

  1. Open Docker Desktop®.
  2. Click on the settings wheel in the top right corner:
    Docker setting wheel
  3. Check the box that says “Start Docker when you log in” so the app stays running in the background.
    Docker settings
  4. You can now close out of, or minimize, Docker Desktop® and it will run in the background!
  5. Next quit and restart your Crown Sterling App for the mail tab to load

I am having issues downloading Docker Desktop® for the first time, what do I do?

For a list of Docker Desktop troubleshooting tips, checkout THIS article.