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How to Create an Account

Learn how to create a Quantum-Secure chat account

ORION is currently in its beta test phase and each user requires a link with an access token in order to join. Waitlist users are being invited on a rolling basis via email. To join the waitlist, please click here

  1. When you receive the email with your unique link to ORION, click the link. You will be directed to the login page. If you want to install the ORION Messenger app, click ‘Install ORION App’. If you want to access through your browser, click ‘Register’.
  2. When the account registration page appears, enter a username and password. Please use a password you will remember as ORION's account recovery mechanism is still in development. In order to make ORION truly secure, we do not associate email addresses with user accounts.
  3. After entering the username and password, click ‘Register'. Create Account_Beta

    ** Note: if the access token does not auto-filled with a code, please go back to your email and click the link again.

  4. You will be directed into ORION. From here you can search and add contacts, and start a chat!